Warmest May Bank Holiday Weekened Ever Passes!

Warmest May Bank Holiday Weekened Ever Passes!

With the May 2018 Bank Holiday just passing it leads you to realise how quick the start of this year has gone! But furthermore, the Bank Holiday doesn’t just make us realise how this year has flown but it was also a record breaking weekend, with it becoming the HOTTEST May Bank Holiday ever recorded since the holiday began in 1978!

The record was recorded in Northolt with temperatures peaking at 28.7 Degrees Celsius, which is 0.1 of a Degree above the previous record set in 1995 taken on the Saturday of the three-day weekend. But nonetheless it was a bright sunny weekend all around with the average temperature being around 18 Degrees Celsius in the UK. Unfortunately, some areas missed out on the sunshine with areas of Devon and Cornwall just bordering 10 Degrees.

Hopefully the warm weather decides to make a reappearance for when Summer officially begins towards the end of June. To be prepared for the warm weather why not look around our store for premium outdoor supplies to help you get the most out of the break. Also, signup for our newsletter for an additional 10% off your first order!

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